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“I called having a feeling my water line damaged, and Texas Plumbing Repair informed me that it was.  They ran a camera through my line and were able to show me on a screen what was cousin the issue (a collapsed line) and then walked me through the appropriate steps to fix it.  Not only did the camera show me line itself collapsed but also stood over the exact spot the leak was from their locating system.  I thought that was pretty neat.  Big project but felt secure with the plumbers they had on the job.  Thank You ALL.”  Scott L.

Water Line Replacement And Installation


Water line is of up most importance for a family in a household and a big or small business.  Water lines can get damaged as they age and go through wear and tear from use, effects of freezing, heat, mineral build up, water pressure changes, tree roots and even subtle ground movement.  With Texas Plumbing Repairs we can set you up on a regular maintenance check up with your water lines and have our experts inspect and then advice when it would be best to replace or provide service to your water lines.  Damage to these lines can be silent and not very alarming until it is to late and turns into an emergency call.  This service we provide will leave your home up and running smoothly.  Texas Plumbing Repair is concerned with you quality of living and want nothing but greatness for you and your families household or personal business. Call us today.


How Do I Know If I Need A Replacement or New Line Installed?

Damage can occur to a line, as well corrosion and blockage can develop.  Water Line Replacement can be a delicate process but with Texas Plumbing Repair we have the most up to date tools and Expert Plumbers to ensure your Line is installed properly and headache free.  Call us today and find out why Texas Plumbing Repair is known for getting efficient work done with long lasting results.

With big projects such a entire new line or dealing with a system that supplies water to your entire home entrust in a company that goes above and beyond, and that establishes clear communication with upfront and honest pricing.  With Texas Plumbing Repair you will never feel out of the loop or left pondering exactly what is being done to resolve your problem.  We strive off knowing our customers are comfortable and informed with our process.


Warning Signs: 

♦ Here Are Our Top 3 Signs Its Time For A New Water Line or Replacement

  1. Water Discoloration
    • Are you noticing rust brown tint to your water?  This is BIG sign that you need to pick ups the phone and call us to come examine your Main Water Line.   The discoloration can occur from (type of pipes you have, corrosion, soil, dirt)
  2. Puddles developing in your lawn
    • If you notice a spot in your yard where water has built up and formed a puddle and it has not rained or have any reason to be there.. then its time to pick up the phone and call us right away.  This is a sign you have leaking underground in your Main Water Line.
  3. Low Water Press
    • Is the water from fixtures not coming out in the steady, strong stream it use too?  This could be from a compromised line and could be sign up damage within your Main Water Line.  Go ahead and give us a call and we can run our Video Camera Inspection and get to the bottom of your issue… before it turns into a homeowners nightmare.


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