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“Had 4 toilets replaced in my home. Service guys showed up promptly and wasted no time finishing the job in a very timely manner. Guys were courteous and respectful of the home. Would definitely use them again”.  Ross A

Toilet Repair / Replacements


  • Tank Rebuilds (Fixtures In Tank)
  • Toilet Repairs
  • Toilet Installs
  • Toilet Replacements
  • Leaky Toilet Repair

Texas Plumbing Repair is here to serve you.  Toilet Plumbing is our speciality and there is no problem too small or too big for us to take on.  Our Team is staffed with Licensed Plumbers that will have you feeling secure that your problem will be resolved.  From the phone call, till the problem is resolved, you will be treated like family and have a plumbing company you can rely on.

In need of plumber to fix your toilet?  Toilets are a daily necessity that home owners and business owners use daily.  Don’t let a lingering toilet concern develop into a bigger more expensive problem.

Texas Plumbing Repair is here for you and guarantees to get your bathroom up and running smoothly again.  We take pride in treating everyone’s home like it was our very own.  Call us today with any questions or concerns you might have and let us put your mind at ease with ensuring your toilet is up to date and running smoothly.

Signs / Warnings That Indicate Leaking Toilet: 
  1. Bubbling Noises:  Or groaning sounds from areas around the toilet or behind the toilet (in the wall) is a good indication you have a plumbing issue with your toilet.  Call us with any concerns and get your issue addressed.
  2. Water On Bathroom Floor:  If any size puddle is forming around the base of your toilet call us right away before any damage is done to your home or wood panels / walls of your bathroom.  Water can easily spread when a leak is present and cause a headache for any home owner.
  3. Odor:  If you get a hint of a moldy or gas smell present in you bathroom be sure and call us right away.  Leaks can unnoticed for awhile, if your leak is present under your foundation or in the walls of your bathroom.  Be safe and cautious rather than sorry.


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