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“Sewer line repair was big stress for me from knowing its such a costly and big project.  Luckily I had Texas Plumbing Repair that presented a affordable price and walked me through exactly what was going to be done.  They quoted me a price and didn’t go a penny over.  Seriously, Thank You Guys! ~ Jake T. 

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement


Sewer line damage from just even a leaky pipe can be more than just a one time pricey repair.  They can result in extensive property damage and most importantly become a threat to your personal health and others.  Good thing you have come to Texas Plumbing Repairs where Sewer Line Repair And Replacements is an area our Expert staff is familiar with tackling and available 24/7 to take your call and fix your Sewer Line issues.

If you know your line is comprised or have a hint of a Sewer Line problem give our Sewer Lines Plumbers a call today.  We can identity exactly where the problem is with our Video Camera Inspection equipment and be able to show the location and cause for your problem.


You  Might Wonder Why Your Sewer Line Is Broken?

Could stem from tree roots being present and working there way into your sewer pipe.

Build up of common particles (hair, debris, dirt, oil, grease, toilet paper, etc.)

Ground movement from the soil shifting

Simple wear and tear from use over period of time

Common Reasons For Sewer Line Damage: 

1)  Cast Iron:  Can suffer from corrosion, rust and wear and tear over time.

2)  Clay Pipes:  In older homes this form is common and can simply become compromised with cracking and leaks.

3)  PVC:  A excellent method for running a line but just like any line breaks may occur if water temperature exceeds rated limits for materials.

Signs of a Comprised Line: 

1)  Toilet Water:  Lack of water in your toilet bowl or in the tank of your toilet

2)  Draining:  Slow draining fixtures (ex: bath tub draining super slow or not at all)

3)  Funky Smell:  Odd odor present around property or inside your home

4)  Noises:  Gurgling noises coming from your toilet (may occur during use of that toilet or if shower is on and gurgling and bubbles develop in toilet)


The Answer To Your Sewer Line Repair

Texas Plumbing Repair can come out for a free onsite estimate (no service charge) to come discuss your Sewer Line Plumbing problems. Once on site we can tell you exactly what we need to do in order to get to the bottom of the issue.  After we have laid out your options and the appropriate steps we need to take to identify the plumbing concern, we will present prices before we ever move forward with the project.  This allows our customers to know exactly what is going on and NO HIDDEN fees before leave your residence.  We want you to be informed and know exactly what is going on with your home.  Texas Pluming Repair is informative and will walk you through step by step of the Sewer Line Repair or Replacement or Installation.  Call us today to get your free estimate.

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