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“Great service and workmanship. Called them on short notice, we were in bind and needed help, came out within 2 hours, as promised, installed new kitchen fixtures and underside plumbing. Pricing was well within reason, courteous, informative, completed the job and were on their way. I know a thing or two about service and when you locate a company or individuals who approach your business with appreciation, hang on to them because in this day and age, that level of customer service is all but forgotten. Highly recommend Texas Plumbing”.  Dan/Dana Clements

Plumbing Replacements & Installations 


Whether you are looking to upgrade / update plumbing fixtures in areas of your home, call Texas Plumbing Repair, we would love to help your home run smoothly and worry free.  7 Days a week we are here ready for our Expert Team to accommodate to your homes needs!!

Our Expert Plumbers are ready to get your system running flawlessly.

If its getting new equipment and fixtures to correlate with your current plumbing system or installing a new plumbing system all together we are here for you.  We are more than willing to even evaluate and determine your present plumbing system and make recommendations for upgrades we know would help you or new fixture installations that will the job done as well.  Call our Expert Staff today… we are waiting for your call!  We will cater your needs and minimize disturbance of your busy daily schedule.


What Can We Repair & Install For You?

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets:  See our services on Faucet Replacement & Installation.

  • Looking to upgrade or replace a broken faucet?  Texas Plumbing Repair is your Faucet Plumber Specialist that will leave your home better than we found it.  Have a new faucet already purchased and need a faucet plumber to install it?  Give us call!!  Want us to purchase and replace your broken faucet or simply upgrade your current one?  Give us a call!!  Whatever your home project is, contact a plumbing service you can rely on!!  Replacing your kitchen or bathroom faucet with an upgrade can actually help you in the long run!  Up to date fixtures can eliminate leaks, prevent future damage, and even safe you your bill from having a more efficient system!  Don’t let a out-of-date faucet leak and run up your bill, or be a sitting hazard just waiting to fall part till YOU HAVE TO ADDRESS IT.  Take care of your home and be preventive! 

Toilets:  Don’t let an out-of-date toilet be a constant headache for you with constant plumbing needs & maintenance.  Adding a up-to-date toilet can help you save money in the long run, and even upgrading fixtures can boost the value of your home.  Toilet is something you need DAILY, so do your self a favor and look at our Toilet Repair & Replacement tab and let Texas Plumbing Repair take your headaches away, leaving your bathroom running flawless. 

Water Heaters:  Visit our Water Heater Replacement & Installation page.  If your having any issues with adequate hot water or waiting long periods of time for hot water to develop, give us a call today and upgrade your Hot Water Heater.  Upgrading your water heater with a new installation will leave your home running more effectively and be more convenient.  Give Texas Texas Plumbing Repair a call with any Water Heater Plumbing concerns today. 

Garbage Disposals:  If your garbage disposal is not working or just not seeming to get the job done, let our Expert Plumbers replace and install a new garbage disposal.  Kitchen is a very used section of the house and your home should be stress free and not troublesome when trying to do the dishes.  Give us call to discuss your option today! 

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