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“Thanks to Texas Plumbing Repair for fixing my water slap leak at a reasonable price. I didn’t even know what a water slap leak was until Mike explained in detail what it was and how it occurred. Thanks guys!” ~ Juan M

Leaking Plumbing


Leaks… can be silent but very serve for a household or business.  If you encounter a leaky line please contact us immediately and never let it grow to the point to where you have an emergency call for us to attend too.  Unattended leaks can leave a good dent in your wallet from corrosion over prolonged periods, which is going to cause an expensive problem for your home or business.  If you notice water dripping from a faucet or pipe don’t turn your back to it… give Texas Plumbing Repair a call and let us take care of the issue at hand before it turns into a huge plumbing issue you cant turn you back too.  We are here 24/7 for your plumbing needs / concerns / or quick questions if you feel a hint of worry or threat to your home or business. Call us today.


Where Leaks Often Occur: 

  1. Toilet
  2. Faucet
  3. Hot Water Heater 
  4. Washing Machines
  5. Gas Lines
  6. Main Water Lines
  7. Sewer Lines 


Toilet Leak Signs: 
  • Noise:  If you hear a bubbling or groaning from any area around the toilet (from behind the wall or even beneath the toilet), go ahead and pick up the phone and get one of your Toilet Plumbers out to you today for a free estimate and quote on how to address your issue and pricing options to resolve your issue.
  • Water On Floor:  If you see any small puddles developing at the base of the toilet, behind the toilet, bottom of wall bend toilet discolored, pick up the phone and call us today. Any random puddle in the floor of your bathroom without anyone taking a shower be sure to examine and find the source of where the puddle started.
  • Odor:  If you pick up any hint of odor, sewer gas smell, or moldy smell, be sure and give us call.  A smell of odor can be an indicator of a larger problem… don’t want to have one of Expert Plumbers come take a look at your leaking plumbing.


Water Faucet Leak Signs: 
  • Squeaky Faucet / Firm Faucet:  If you hear a squeaky noise while turning your handle off and on then you might have a leak within your faucet.  As well if you notice over time the handle getting harder and hard to turn and maneuver, you might have a leaky faucet as well.  There are both good signs to give Texas Plumbing Repair a call today to evaluate the situation and prevent any future damage from occurring.
  • Rust / Small Puddle:  This is a very common indicator that a leak has developed.  If you notice a small puddle at the base of your faucet, drains around sink, tubs and even showers, floor by tub or floor below faucet, pick up the phone now and give our expert plumbers a call for same day service.
  • Higher Water Bill:  Sometimes a random spike in your water bill can be a sign there is a leak occurring in your house.  Examine all your fixtures and give Texas Plumbing Repair a call at any sign of concern within your home.
  • Drips:  If you hear a dripping noise from any room in the house, call Texas Plumbing Repair for a Leak Detection. 


Leaking Water Heater Signs: 
  • Water Signs / Puddles:  Any water in base of pan under the heater, walls surrounding the heater, or leaks from the lines at the top or side of heater, pick up the phone.  Give us call with ANY water indication being present surrounding your water heater and handle your issue before it gets too big.
  • Tiles:  If you don’t have a pan under your heater and you see any shifts, rising, or movement in your tile or wood panel, pick up the phone and give Texas Plumbing Repair a call.
  • Lack of Hot Water:  Inadequate hot water supply to fixtures of your home.


Leaking Washing Machine: 
  • Odor:  Mold or musty smell.
  • Puddles:  Small water puddles behind, or under your watching machine.
  • Rusted Or Corrosion Connections:  If heavy rust has developed be sure and give Texas Plumbing Repair a call.
  • Damaged Lines:  Cracked hoses or lose hoses.


Gas Line Leak: 
  • Smell:  If you pick up a hint of “Rotten Egg Odor”  call Texas Plumbing Repair right away.  This odor has been added to gas lines to help homeowners know when i gas leak is present, because without it you would not be able to detect a gas leak.  Keep your cabin monoxide monitors stocked with charged batteries and constantly check to make sure they are on to help prevent any hazards, or heath concerns if a leak goes unnoticed.
  • CALL NOW:  If you pick up a hint of gas leak smell call (817) 431-0055 and have our Gas line Specialist take care of you today.



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