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“From the initial contact to the complete replacement of our gas lines, Texas Plumbing Repair did a fantastic job. We worked with Mike and he keep us informed through the entire job. I highly recommend this company and will use them again.” Kevin M, Fort Worth, TX

Gas Line Replacement & Installation Service. 


Plumbing Since 1995

If your gas line is in need of replacement call one of our licensed professionals to have your gas line installation done today.  Gas lines is one of the most cruel systems of your household providing power to many important house hold appliances you use daily… multiple times a day!!  So many appliance depend on a efficient gas system, so don’t settle for average service for such a cruel part of your household and business… Entrust in Texas Plumbing Repairs.

Plumbing since 1995, we know all the ins and outs of getting the job done correctly, with up to code standards, city regulations, and the most up to date technology, to not only get the job done, but produce results that produce longevity.   Our Gas Line Plumbers are the go to plumbers in the industry and we even have HVAC, and fireplace technicians calling us with big scale projects and any questions regarding a hurdle or problem with their repair or installation.  Needless to say this reflects our Expert Plumbers knowledge and high standards we hold our team too.

Installation is one of the most vital, high-level home repair jobs you will probably ever have to face as a homeowner.  We ensure all proper parts, proper placement for all appliances, and efficient installation is done to equal long term results of a high-performing system; rather than others that might require repairs on a frequent basis.  Do not take the cheap route when it comes to Gas Line Installations, the cheap route usually ends up being more expensive from frequent repairs being needing. Do you want to feel safe and secure having your Gas Line Repair & Installation in good hands… then give our Plumbers a call today!



We are known for our quality service in everything we offer!  Gas Line Replacement is right on the list with what we strive in doing.  No call is over Texas Plumbing Repair capabilities. Call us today.

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