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Plumbing never arises at a convenient time for you.  Our 24/7 service team knows this, which is why we are always standing by our phones for emergency repairs.  Texas Plumbing Repairs is a company you can rely on all day, every day. Our team is ready to take action and come to your emergency plumbing needs.  Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our licensed training staff.

Texas Plumbing Repair will be at your door step ready to take your problems away, 24/7!

It doesn’t matter if you are a small home owner to a big business owner.  We will service your situation in a effective, timely manner to have you back on your way to your daily routine.  Our team has the tools and expertise to fix any issue that crosses you.  When a problem arises we know how important it is to feel heard and have someone there for you… Texas Plumbing Repair will be at your door step ready to take your problems away, 24/7!   From toilets, grease traps, sewer lines to gas lines Texas Plumbing Repair is suited to take on the job.

Looking to prevent future problems or emergencies?

Check out these helpful tips to keep your plumbing well maintained and problem free!

Few helpful maintains tips to help a EMERGENCY from occurring:
  1. Backed Up Toilets:  Clogged toilets are definitely common in a home with multiple bathrooms.  Usually clogs become present with items being flushed that should not be, or just high use.  If a issue like this occurs and you cant break the free the item with a plunger, its time to call a Expert before a huge emergency develops.  DON’T PUT OFF, FIX WHILE THE ISSUE IS SMALL.  If more than one toilet is backed up or showers are becoming effected from the clog the problem is occurring in your sewer line and needs immediate attention.
  2. Hot Water Heater:  It is always smart to regularly provide maintain to your water heater and drain the tank to prevent sediment buildup.  Build up like this in you Hot Water Heater can reduce your water heater’s energy efficiency and also clog your water lines.  Avoid these problems and increase the life of you unit by flushing the tank.
    1. Step One:
      • Tun off the electricity to the water heater or tun off the gas to extinguish the pilot.  Shut off the cold-water inlet to the water heater.
    2. Step Two:
      • Connect a garden hose to the tank’s drain valve.  Locate the draining end of the hose in an area that wont be adversely affected by the scalding hot water.
    3. Step Three:
      • With the pressure relief valve open, open the drain valve and allow the tank to drain completely.  Completely draining the tank ensures that you’ve removed al the sediment possible.
    4. Step Four: 
      • Close the tank drain valve, disconnect the hose from the valve and aloe the pressure relief valve.  Open all the hot water spigots in the house, and turn on the cold-water inlet to the tank.
    5. Step Five: 
      • Close each hot-water spigot as the water begins to flow from it.  After all the spigots are closed, turn on the electricity to the water heater, or turn the gas with to run.
  3. Frozen Pipes:  I know living in Texas the last thing most people think of is a frozen pipe occurring with their home.  However there are multiple days within the year where are weather can drop below freezing.  On these rare occasions be sure to shut off your outside water system and discount your house from your outside bibs during the winter.

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