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“I called around everywhere and nobody would show up after hours without over charging me until I called, Texas Plumbing Repair! Thanks for unstopping our drain and not over charging me in my plumbing emergency with my husband out of town.” ~ Sarah S

Fort Worth Drain Cleaning


At Texas Plumbing Repair, we offer Professional / Expert drain cleaning services at a price that wont put a dent in your wallet.  We want to secure a Drain Cleaning Service that leaves your system running smoothly and without future complications.  Our team is on time, up front, consistent, and affordable.  With a call from us you can have Expert Plumber at your doorstep at your requested time.

Do you have clogged or backed up sewer line or main water line?  Let our Expert Local Plumbers come out today and run the most up to date Machine to clear the main lines of your home.   Our high powered machines can break free anything backing up your main water line or sewer line.  If our machine identifies a bigger problem in your line ask our Draining Cleaning Plumbers about our, VIDEO CAMERA INSPECTION, where we can see exactly what is causing a disturbance in your line; (from tree roots to broken pipe) our team will get the job done and have your system back up and running.

Common Drain Cleaning Services: 

  1. Kitchen Drains:  With the kitchen drain being used frequently you are bound to run into a clog sooner or later.  Kitchen always seem to have food particles, soaps, fats, and grease running through your kitchen pipes.  With substance being present in your kitchen drain a clog can easily develop with buildup.  If you notice your kitchen drain slowly draining or a puddle always remaining for a period of time after use in your kitchen sink, its time to give Texas Plumbing Repair a call today.  Let one of our Expert Drain Cleaning Services take care of you.
  2. Bathroom Drains (Sink Drain / Bathtub Drain):  The bathroom is another area of a home that is constantly in use and a unit everyone depend on.  Clogged bathtub drains and bathroom sink drains can develop a clogged pipe from substances such as:
    1.  hair, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, and many other bathroom products.
    2. Products as such can tend to leave unwanted residue in your pipes, leading to serious damage to your drains over a period of time and unfortunately leading to minor / major plumbing issues.
  3. Utility Room Drains:  Encounter debris, dirt and other particles that can clog floor drains in basements, utility rooms, which if left unattended for a period of time, slow draining concerns, can lead to a anyones worse nightmare.. flooding.
  4. Sewer Line:  With our high tech technology our team will be a able to clear your sewer line and even run a camera through your line to determine what is causing your sewer line blockage.
  5. Main Water Line:   With our high tech technology our team will be a able to clear your main water line and even run a camera through your line to determine what is causing your main water line blockage.


Texas Plumbing Repair is your go to plumber when clogged drains arise in a household.  We have Drain Cleaning Specialist waiting for your call to bring your home back to working order and drains running as brand new.


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